Best Songs of 2009: 16-20


“Heartbreaker” by MSTRKRFT ft. John Legend

John Legend is a talented, if overrated, performer. MSTRKRFT is just fabulous. Combine the talents of these two artists and the result is “Heartbreaker”, a surprisingly successful blend of piano and electronica. The two artists play to the other’s weaknesses. MSTRKRFT takes Legend’s bland approach to songs and speeds it up; Legend takes MSTRKRFT’s tendency to overwhelm the listener with driven beats and forces the production of a song with a more traditional pop organization. An enjoyable listen all the way through.


“Already Home” by Jay-Z ft. Kid Cudi

Jay-Z’s new album, The Blueprint 3, has spawned several singles and was a commercial success but has failed to convince many that Jay-Z is as relevant a rapper as he was in the past. That being said, one of the best songs from the album is one that features the potential flash-in-the-pan Kid CuDi. “Already Home” is carried on the quality of the fast beat and excellent string riff that provide some much needed energy to the song. Although little more than a polemic against the “they”, “Already Home” is an excellent example of production stealing the show.


“You Belong with Me” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is an important figure in music for several reasons. Musically, she is combining pop and country in a way that hasn’t been heard since Shania’s heyday. But she’s doing much more than that. Swift has become an amalgamation of girl-next-door type and sexy pop starlet in a way that makes her both an attractive role-model for young girls and an icon for young men. Her universal appeal is tapped in her single “You Belong with Me” as it portrays the ubiquitous experience of unrequited love in high school. She makes the listener root for her and, in turn, for the listener’s self as well. A song this popular has to end in cliché but “You Belong with Me” is a song for the ages.


“Bathtub Clash (CFCF Remix)” by FEMME

FEMME is a band that is wholly uninteresting in almost every aspect; boring music mixed with boring lyrics equates to a boring band. But when one of the hottest new producers decides to remix a song by said boring band, well then, the result is impressive indeed. It is no surprise that it would take a producer with the talent of CFCF to give new life to such a dead beast. CFCF manages this by adding a cinematic element (in the form of a piano piece), synths, and an interesting beat to the song.


“Daylight” by Matt & Kim

As brutally infectious as any song made this year, “Daylight” by Matt & Kim is guaranteed to get stuck in one’s head after one or two listens. It received a huge boost this year when it was featured in a Bacardi commercial. The commercial itself was forgettable but “Daylight” stole the show and thrust Matt & Kim into the spotlight. This is a song worth drinking to.


~ by Verse on December 1, 2009.

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