Best Songs of 2009: 11-15


“Cudi Zone” by KiD CuDi

Kid CuDi received a lot of hype this year. He was one of the most exciting new rappers if only because he had such a talented group of people behind him. CuDi is prone to repeating the same theme and it seems like every song is about the same thing: the “depth” of CuDi. While being lonely doesn’t necessarily equate to depth, some of his songs demonstrate his true potential, including the excellent “CuDi Zone”. A little bit faster-paced than his other songs, “CuDi Zone” is an excellent mix of lyrical wit and soaring chorus. The song runs the various other cliché tropes that CuDi often employs… and yet, it doesn’t feel tired. A shining example by a possibly worthwhile MC, only time will tell if CuDi can live up the quality of this song.


“Ambling Alp” by Yeasayer

The summer of 2009 shall go down in history as the summer of psychedelic pop. Bands like Animal Collective, MGMT, and Miike Snow experienced huge surges in popularity. Although it has become an almost tired genre, Yeasayer has managed to produce a song that is new and exciting. “Ambling Alp” is an infectious bit of indie psych pop that will get stuck in the listener’s head for days. The video is not safe for work. That being said, enjoy the naked people.


“Exodus 5.1” by Rhymefest

“Exodus 5.1” by Rhymefest is an illuminating look into the life of a young black man who aspires to greatness but is bound by the realities of street life. The song asks of the listener to consider the difficulties of his life and contrast them with those espoused in the song. “Exodus 5.1” forces the listener to consider their difficulties in life and puts them into perspective. The song ends with “And if you’ve never been through none of this in your life/ What’s the closest you’ve ever been to Christ?” A striking question that drives Rhymefest’s point home.


“Silvia” by Miike Snow

This song blew up earlier this year and was featured in a few remixes and mash-ups. It’s a catchy bit of indie electro but is probably a bit inaccessible to people who aren’t fans of music that is a bit “out there”. Regardless, “Silvia” is a fantastic song that is an interesting listen due to its varied nature. It starts off slow but eventually builds into a synth-lover’s dream. The jury is still out on Miike Snow, but “Silvia” is a guaranteed winner.


“She Wolf (Villains Remix)” by Shakira

Villains does a good job of maintaining the ethos of Shakira’s song while improving it vastly. It isn’t exactly rocket science to take an already danceable song and make it more danceable but Villains goes over the top and delivers a song that is superior to the original in almost every way. Adding an intense guitar rift and an electro backbeat, “She Wolf” becomes a whole new beast, one that will tear up any dance floor.


~ by Verse on December 2, 2009.

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