Best Songs of 2009: 1-5


“Cold Dust Girl” by Hey Champ

After all is said and done, what really determines a song’s greatness is its intrinsic ability to be listened to repeatedly with no fatigue on the part of the listener. “Cold Dust Girl” by Hey Champ is one of those rare songs. It is invigorating and amusing with every listen. The beat is infectious and (most importantly) encourages dancing. Ultimately, it is a song about being young, living in the moment, and making ill-advised choices; in a year when there are so many things to be depressed by, “Cold Dust Girl” is just the distraction everyone needs.


“Glass” by Bat for Lashes

The only sufficient adjective for this song is “epic”. From the moment the drums kick in, the listener is made very aware that this is a song of power and ultimate grace. Natasha Khan’s voice incants the haunting lyrics until she reaches a mighty crescendo in the form of the chorus. What makes this song so fabulous is its ability to convey the stark, entrancing beauty of Khan’s world. Fewer albums have had a better start.


“Sometimes” by Miami Horror

The very best songs are experiences in and of themselves. “Sometimes” by Miami Horror is one of the most enjoyable songs of the year. Combining addictive synths with a voice that vacillates between yearning and instruction provides the listener with an image of a simpler time, of getting lost and enjoying life. Simply one of the best songs of the year.


“Night Time” by the xx

“Night Time” takes the best attributes of xx and distills them into one song. A slow beat coupled with ambient bass playing connotes the confessional nature of the song. While it has fairly sparse instrumentals, the voices of the singers keep the listener engaged and interested. The xx is unparalleled in their ability to contrast male and female voices to produce a poignant effect. “Night Time” is one of the best songs by one of the best bands of the year, making it an obvious choice for this list.


“Queen” by Freddie Gibbs

One of the best songs by the best rapper you aren’t listening to, “Queen” by Freddie Gibbs is an incredible story that is told through the voice of an impassioned lover who is ultimately wronged. It is a song about being a relationship with the idea of a woman and the subsequent let down when said woman turns out to be inevitably, tragically, human. Easily one of the best rap songs of the year.


~ by Verse on December 4, 2009.

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